Sunday, July 09, 2006

Election Fraud

Remember the U.S. elections of 2000 and 2004? Here's a repeat.

First, get a lot of untraceable electronic voting machines produced, the kind that are easily hacked.

Second, hack them, and change the results in favor of the elites.

Third, claim victory early and loudly.

Sound familiar?

Read it here.

The Religious Clash of Egos

As always, it's a matter of power and/or money.

It's Not About the Interests of Jesus, Muhammad or God

The Religious Clash of Egos

All the founders of world religions made it perfectly clear that religion is only about how we treat ourselves and each other, and that God does not benefit from religion.

God's priority is human interests. It's not about God.

If we look closer, all religious disagreements can be boiled down to ego and power.

The rabbis did not disagree with Jesus about the Ten Commandments, but about what the Gospel means for rabbinical power.

Christian Rome did not disagree with Muhammad about the Ten Commandments (the Koran confirmed them), it was about the control of the Middle East.

Jews, Christians and Muslims expect Jesus to come once Jerusalem has become a big metropolis. Well, now it has.

So what are they going to do when Jesus comes and tells them that there is nothing to clash about?


Back again (?)

My main politics blog website has been drastically changed and limited as to bandwidth, so I am thinking of coming back here for my blogging, and using the other one for links. Within a short time, I'll come up with a solution. Meanwhile, I'm back....