Sunday, September 03, 2006

Can't Happen in the U.S.

If the Nuremburg Trials were to be held today, a number of top U.S. government officials, including Bush and Cheney, would be indicted and found guilty. The neo-cons knew this before they invaded Iraq, and that explains why they refused to take part in the ICC. They knew what they were doing and going to do was breaking many international laws, including the Geneva Conventions. The fact the the U.S. government goes its own way following the wishes of a neo-con minority (who fulfil the wishes of the few financial top elite)is not lost on the world.

The author of this article has it 100% correct when he writes: "While the United States is a country like any other, its citizens no more special than any others on the planet, Americans still react with amazed surprise at the suggestion that their country could be held responsible for something as heinous as a war crime."

Most Americans do not make the connection between all the poverty and violence in the world and the overwhelming part that their own government plays in this. Most Americans believe what their government tells them through the controlled mainstream media; and believe that they are a peaceful, democratic country that only means to help others in a world filled with enemies. This majority of Americans hasn't a clue as to what goes on in the world, and especially the overwhelming part their own government plays.

Michael Parenti, political scientist and author, says it well: "The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology."

The name of the game has been the same for centuries now: The killing and destruction and pillaging of other peoples and countries to feed the wealthy elite, and enrich the economies of the aggressors, mostly Western White Societies, where the U.S. stands head and shoulders above the rest since WW2, leaving Great Britain in a distant second place. Follow the money ie: Look where the resources such as oil and minerals (including fresh water) are to be found. Also, geography comes into play for strategic and economic gain, such as for pipelines, ports and military bases. That's where these few aggressive countries invade, and always under a cloak of lies. In the name of peace and prosperity, they bring death, destruction and poverty.

That also explains the horrific conditions in many of the so-called third world countries. Their governments are nothing more than puppets of the West, colonies by proxy.

And yet, Americans were always taught that it was because of their own wonderful country, it's capitalisitic economy, its "Christianity", its freedoms won by their god-like "founding fathers", and its democracy that it had become so prosperous. Indeed, the U.S. did enjoy the world's best economy for a few decades following WW2; but that is also diving these last years, and has nowhere to go but down, and rather rapidly.

If Americans only realized that their economic system was based on destruction, death and pillaging and economic slavery of other countries, they would have long ago made some changes. The American people are no different than any other; they are not inherently stupid. But they have been subjected to the most widespread and effective cloak of propaganda in the world, and so they have been blinded to reality. This matrix has become their reality; they know no differently.

What happened to the Native Americans in the beginning of U.S. history has not stopped. It has gone on, often outside of its own shores. It isn't because God blesses America, or that capitalism is so wonderful, or Americans are special, that the U.S. has prospered until recently: It's mostly because of the pillaging of other countries, including denominating all oil sales in U.S. dollars, that keeps the U.S. economy subsidized, and the wealthy elite reasonably content.

But Americans have to know what is really happening before they can overcome the many decades of the most effective propaganda and media control the world has ever seen.

Let's hope this does happen before it's too late. The window of opportunity is getting very small, and the hour very late. The majority of Americans need to see their beliefs for what they are: Beliefs based on misinformation. Propaganda. Thank goodness that some Americans are already awake, but their numbers are too few, and they are too terrified of their own government.