Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"There are no accidents in politics"

Some things just don't make sense....if you stop to ponder them.

I'm not an astute political analyser, but I'm pretty good at finding good ones. Political analysis is mostly taking known, sometimes little known, information and forming some logical coherence to it all. Even then, it's often not that accurate. And I have my own thoughts which I ponder, and this is a simpler method for me, when it works.

Take the overblown hullabaloo about John McCains VP choice of Palin, a fast developing puzzle. I'm not going to get cerebral about this sad state of affairs. But I am going to go with one thought: Accidents seldom happen at high political levels. "There are no accidents in politics", remarked Joseph P. Kennedy to a reporter in 1960. (full quote:"We're going to sell Jack like soap flakes. There are no accidents in politics.") LBJ and FDR have been purported to have said the same thing.

So...if McCain's choice of VP, with its soap opera media frenzy, is pondered, I really wonder it this is for real. I think it could very well be a distraction, and planned this way.

Ponder a few things along with me....
1. McCain, as is obvious, is too old to be a globe trotter. Not that he often needs to be; a president has a large staff to do the footwork and running, including a VP. But he must travel upon occasion. Not to mention the high demands of chief executive work, even from an office. There is serious, and justified, question about McCains physical and mental abilities.
2. The choice of Palin is also more than a bit illogical. Yes, it has its logic from several standpoints, but overall it is a logical disaster.
3. For decades, the Republicans have played dirty tricks to sink the Democrats. The Dems seemed to have caught on to this and have not been blindsided to this point. But then, maybe the Reps see this, and are taking a different strategy....

Keeping in mind the thought "there are no accidents in politics" (at high levels), would it make sense for McCain to head the Republican ticket against a strong runner as Obama with Biden? And then to choose such a controversial VP running mate? I think not. I'm looking for something to happen, and fairly soon, which might well be a 'blind sider', to wit:

- A possible invasion of Iran by Bush, with his 'extending' his own presidential term of office by decree. Almost certainly preceded by a false flag op, giving him his excuse for the invasion. This possibility has been warned of for some time.

- A surprise candidate taking McCain's place after he "pulls out of the race". Perhaps due to a medical condition etc.

- Yet...it could be as simple as Sarah Palin pulling out, as suggested by another. And replaced by someone more embraced by the Right. But if that's the case, who in the world chose Palin and vetted her? Can't be just McCain, could it? Who dropped the reins, then? Something ain't right there.

- Even if the Republicans lose this one, even if big time, the elites running the show have an approved man in office, to wit: Barack Obama. Don't think for one moment that Obama would have gotten anywhere near this far without approval from (way) on high, the real elites. Certainly, "foreign policy" plans will continue, and the encroaching fascism may be camouflaged, but not stopped.

A different singer singing the same song, so to speak; the song written by those actually holding the reins. As it always is.

But nothing at this level will be left to accident or chance. Or, did one of the lieutenants really drop the reins with Palin? Stay tuned; this story changes by the hour, and there's more coming.

What a Soap!